our roots

We are family, sisters, farmers, florist, artists, mothers, lovers, women, entrepreneurs, idea chasers. We love to create and build objects of beauty.  

Our story is born from a shared love of wild places, getting outside and exploring our high desert home. It started, as these moments of inspiration often do, on the celebration of another birth year, deep in the middle of winter. Filled with hope and inspired by the feeling that anything was possible, we were out hiking and exploring deep in the high desert mountains of Eastern Oregon. We began picking little bouquets of sage, juniper, and anything else that matched or made the evolving compositions more interesting; collecting a rock or a grayed manzanita branch. These bundles became fanciful, joyful little collections of botanical elements found and created on our hikes far from anywhere. Once home, these sweet botanical bundles found their place on a sunny window ledge and filling the kitchen with the heady scent of peppery sage. Before long, they began to dry and harden, and over tea one afternoon the idea of adding these lovely bundles to that evenings outdoor fire pit transformed them into our first LIGHT MY FIRE: Wildcrafted Fire Fuel. Our fireside experience was infused and transformed with the addition of the aromatic, high desert botanicals - LIGHT MY FIRE: Wildcrafted Fire Fuel.