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The Oregon high desert is our canvas, our inspiration and our home.  We head out with our packs, our children, dogs and husbands, to explore, forage and commune with nature. It’s part of our daily ritual, a routine that has become a process of creation and possibility. Interacting with the natural world has ignited a deep appreciation for how we relate to our wild spaces.

Wildcrafting, the art of harvesting plants from their natural, wild habitat, allows us to locally forage and sustainably source botanicals that when added to our fires, translate the sense of beauty from where it was grown. It changes how we see the natural, wild landscape around us. Where someone may only see a barren desert landscape, we see an opportunity for exploration and beauty transformed. Our goal is to share that with you through a sensory experience that speaks to the landscapes that inspire us.




The botanicals found in LIGHT MY FIRE are wild-crafted from the Oregon high desert. Fragrant Great Basin sagebrush is the centerpiece of each aromatic bundle, supported by one or more of the following high desert ingredients: aged juniper kindling, bitterbrush, Western Juniper (mistletoe, berries, and foliage), wild yarrow, rabbitbrush and any other unique botanical specimen that catches our eye depending on the season we're in. You may also find a collected stone, desert pumice, a sculptural stick or a naturally molted feather; little added touches that are going to make you feel like you’re not going to want to burn your bundle. Enjoy it. Keep it on a window sill, a fireplace mantle, on an alter or the perfect addition to a favorite corner in your home. The fragrant smells will fill your space with sweetness and hopefully bring you joy.  But there will come a time when the natural botanicals will be ready for your fire pit, campfire or fireplace. The sage leaves will begin to shed and the juniper will get crisp; just the right fuel to add to your fire.




GIVE BACK THE JOY!  An important part of the work we do is giving back to the community and organizations we love. We champion the work being done by amazing people improving our community, our connections to each other, our environment, protecting the land we love and the animals that we share it with. Being able to support these causes lights our fire and we hope it lights yours too! Through different events, pop-ups and collaborations, we highlight varying organizations so that we can give back the JOY! We dedicate our work and a portion of the proceeds of our sales to rotating organizations. In supporting us, an independent, woman lead, values based start-up, you are in turn supporting organizations that make the world a better, brighter place. Follow our social media to see where we’ve been, who we’ve been partnering with and how we’re giving back.