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Our Roots

We are family, sisters, farmers, florist, artists, mothers, lovers, women, entrepreneurs, idea chasers. We love to create and build objects of beauty.  

Our story is born from a shared love of wild places, getting outside and exploring our high desert home. It started, as these moments of inspiration often do, on the celebration of another birth year, deep in the middle of winter.  

Light my fire

The Oregon high desert is our canvas, our inspiration and our home.  We head out with our packs, our children, dogs and husbands, to explore, forage and commune with nature. It’s part of our daily ritual, a routine that has become a process of creation and possibility.



Combines the perfect combo of a sage smudge bundle with four beautiful rough cut crystal clusters: Citrine, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline and Desert Rose. Each crystal has a special place and space for all aspects of your life.



Perfect sage bundles for your smudging, clearing, and cleansing needs. Made from Great Basin Sage found in the Oregon High Desert, each RITUAL bundle is hand wrapped in either light, white tones or dark, black tones and adorned with feathers and a crystal.



Foraged Botanical Sachet are sourced from the wilds of the place we call home, each sachet includes a recipe of our favorites: Western juniper, Great Basin sage and wild yarrow. The natural color of the bag comes from a sage dye bath. Each bag is not only scented by the sweet smells of sage, but hand dyed with it! Each sachet comes with banded packaging for easy retail display



"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

-Theodore Roosevelt-