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Wildcrafted Sage Bundles

Perfect sage bundles for smudging, clearing, and cleansing needs. Made from Great Basin Sage found in the Oregon High Desert, each RITUAL sage bundle is hand wrapped in either light, white tones or dark, black tones and adorned with feathers and a crystal of selenite or black tourmaline.

What for:

Bought a new home or moving into a new apartment? Occupying a new office space? Starting a new job or business? Hosting guests in your home? Honoring a major life moment like a wedding, graduation or rite of passage? Participating in a yoga or healing session? Meditating? Had a major argument? Suffered from an illness? Transitioning to a new phase in your life? Feeling stuck, negative energy in your home? Honoring the passing of a loved one? Wanting a mental reset? These would be all perfect scenarios when you could use a RITUAL sage bundle to smudge your space, body or crystals.

Have a go:

Burn the trimmed end of your RITUAL sage bundle. Once the tip begins to catch fire, blow it out so no more than a light, quick burn is achieved. Wave your sage bundle back and forth in the air so the bundle begins to smoke. As the dried sage smokes, smudge your space by waving the bundle throughout all corners of your room, house or space. Smudge your body by passing the sage smoke over your head, torso and lower body. Clear and cleanse your crystals for healing, meditation or enjoyment by passing the sage smoke over the stones. When finished, gently press out the bundle on a heat proof surface to make sure smoking stops and save your RITUAL sage bundle for your next smudging needs.





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